Friday, October 5, 2007

Still Hard At Work

Hello Fellow bloggers and knitters. I am still hard at work on the baby blanket that I'm making for my friend and her baby boy to come...real soon. It is kinda of hard to get some "knitting only" time to myself because I am a wife and a mom. The children are fairly young so I have to spend time with them. But in any case the knitting is coming along great and I have 4 more squares to knit before I start the daunting task of sewing all 20 of those squares together. One they are knitted together, I will be crocheting a boarder around it just to pretty it up. I hope she likes it and I hope the baby enjoys it. Well that's about all for now, I gotta get back knitting before the kiddos get home from school. Take care and happy knitting.


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